Introduction to The Blog Ladies

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BL_1_Kim Wombles – The Blog Ladies

Kathleen Leopold and I met online nearly four years ago. In that time, we’ve written lots of posts together, including fictional best friends Thelma and Louise, and started online communities, trying to bring parents and autistic individuals together in an open, supportive dialogue. We’re most proud, I think, of the Autism Blogs Directory, which is going on three years old. It is a collection of over 1,000 bloggers, websites, and forums that spans not only the autism spectrum but other disabilities, as well.

We think that the best way to make our way through life is by having a large support group, the bigger the better, so we try to make the Autism Blogs Directory a place that anyone can find others like them.

With seven children between us, and six of them on the spectrum, Kathleen and I are involved in autism in a very real sense, but autism is not our lives. Our kids are kids, and we do our best to make sure that this is how they see themselves: as kids first. We’re thrilled to have a community around us that understands our kids and their strengths and weaknesses, and on very good days, to look around the online autism community and realize that we are not alone.

While the directory is our joint endeavor, we both blog individually. Kathleen can be found at Herd, and I can be found at Countering and Science 2.0.