I’d like to apologize, the past few weeks have been beyond hectic for me, thus why I have not been able to publish any articles. I must emphasize, this is why I plead with my readers to contact me on Twitter with any and all fantasy questions.

The key question I want to answer this week is: How do you replace Le’Veon Bell? The answer, simply, is “you don’t”. That’s right, you don’t. You can’t. Do you remember the movie “Moneyball”? The Oakland A’s lost Giambi, Damon, and Isringhausen in the offseason. They knew they couldn’t replace Giambi with one player, so they knew they had to “re-create” him by combining 2-3 players to match Giambi’s production. So, how does this apply to Le’Veon Bell? The first thing you are going to do is drop Le’Veon and pick up his backup, D’Angelo Williams, providing he is available in your league. If he is not available, you’re going to pick up Alfred Blue, another backup RB who is now a starter because of injuries, in this case, Arian Foster. Foster is out for the rest of the season. The next thing you’re going to do is pick up a WR/TE. As I am writing this, I have just learned that Vernon Davis has been traded to the Broncos. You might want to give Davis a long look, as Peyton Manning has historically loved passing to his TE’s. Besides possibly Davis, there are only two TE’s I would recommend adding, providing they are available. LaDarius Green would be my first choice, and Eric Ebron would be my second choice. As for WR’s, I’m looking at Tavon Austin, Marvin Jones, Willie Snead, or Stefon Diggs. I just thought I might add, losing Le’Veon Bell is not a death sentence, as much as it may seem like it is. This does not mean that your season is over, by any means. Have faith, if you tell yourself your season is over, then it will be. If you tell yourself it’s not over, then it won’t be.

(*If you need a QB, I suggest picking up Marcus Mariota, providing he is available in your league.)

Let’s talk about C.J. Anderson for a second. First of all, I have him on my team, so I am speaking for all owners here when I say that C.J. has been horrible over the first half of the season. However, this week, at the midway point of the season, he runs for over 100 yards and scores a TD. This is troubling for fantasy owners for 2 reasons. 1) The other RB on Denver, Ronnie Hillman, ran for 2 TD’s in the same game, and 2) Hillman had been outperforming Anderson all year leading up to this week. If you recall, Anderson played his best in the second half of last season. I believe he became the starter in week 11 or 12 last season. Could he turn it around for the 2nd half of this year? Sunday’s performance was certainly a good start and a step in the right direction. I’m not quite sure what to do with Anderson. After several weeks of disappointment, I had to bench him. This was either the first or the second week that I benched him, and of course, that’s when he plays well. I am definitely concerned about Hillman, there’s no doubt about that. Anderson proved last year that he had talent, and we finally got to see that again on Sunday. Let’s see what happens over the next 2 weeks.

I have C.J. Anderson on my team. I also have Eddie Lacy. I’m confident that Lacy will turn it around very soon. I’m in 2nd place right now in my league. That is not a matter of luck. I drafted my team with a plan. I went RB strong, taking LeSean McCoy in the 2nd round. I took Gurley late in my draft, I took DeAndre Hopkins and Amari Cooper, I drafted the #1 Defense this year (Denver Broncos), and I picked up Carson Palmer off the waiver wire. I was smart, and I was aggressive. THIS is why I urge my readers to go RB early and often in drafts. I have great depth on my roster. I drafted John Brown and picked up James Jones off waivers after the first week of the season. I even have Lacy’s backup, James Starks, in case Lacy gets injured. The fact of the matter is if I am in 2nd place right now, and my best players aren’t even playing up to their potential, once they begin to do so, I will be unstoppable.

Please, contact me on Twitter with any and all fantasy questions. I will answer you promptly! It’s hard for me to write an article every week, but I can and will answer all Twitter questions. Help me help you.