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FIX IT IN FIVE  is my brainchild because I work with brains. Let me explain:

For the past ten years I have been invited into homes around the globe. I’ve watched people change and grow healthy with only a few days of time, attention and education. My techniques include play therapy and family dynamics counseling, but I also use neurofeedback. So when I educate and rearrange the behaviors in a home, I do it all the way down to the neuronal behavior of the individual. Yes… I have an edge. And that edge was driving me nuts!

I am a mom of special needs adopted children and neurotypical (sort of) biological children and I know from experience what a God-Send a visitor like me and my brain computer would have been in the early years of raising my kids. And so my need to show the world what is possible grew virtually uncontainable.

Three of my four autistic sons grew into lives of independence. One did not. The one who did not sat through a two hour play– in the front row!—yesterday and he was awesome! At least he was awesome until the play ended and a traditionally educated special-ed teacher came over to talk to him and, with a smile and some kind words, proceeded to treat him like an unpredictable baby about to explode. He complied. And I remembered why I am making Fix It in Five!

My specialty is autism. Autism is on the rise. Autism is grossly mishandled and under-appreciated.

There are culture, language and poverty issues, and sometimes the poverty is mine.

So what is Fix It in Five?  It is me, Lynette Louise aka The Brain Broad, literally putting my money where my mouth is. I am inviting cameras (and hopefully an audience!) to watch me work with families all over the world. I am proving that the bar is too low and more can be, should be, and will be done for people suffering a mental challenge.

In each home I go into there is always a little autism and a little something else (like seizures or Tourettes). There are culture, language and poverty issues, and sometimes the poverty is mine.

I decided to do this with ten thousand (long gone) dollars. People have excitedly stepped forward offering help in a variety of ways, and we have ten episodes to edit highlighting two families so far. The first is in Uganda, the second San Francisco. In the first show my big brain (a fantastic prop the kids love that helps me literally point to problem areas) was crushed, and in the second I lost a tooth. In both we made a life changing difference. If you want to understand and experience the action and lessons inherent in the happenings of those two sentences, tune into episode one. Begin the journey with me as I attempt to FIX IT IN FIVE! We’re not always certain what ‘it’ might be, but there’s much to be gained and learned while it reveals itself!

Autism is not a life sentence, it is a life!

Lynette Louise aka The Brain Broad is the producer and star
of Fix It in Five, exclusively on The Autism Channel

About Lynette Louise aka THE BRAIN BROAD

I am currently working on a PhD in an attempt to gain enough credibility to teach the lessons I learned raising 8 children, six adopted, four on the spectrum of autism. Since all but one of my children live happy independent lives while the other is ... still working on it, I believe I have something to say. I am an International Autism Expert and Brain Healer. I am happy to be sharing my work with the world via the show FIX IT IN FIVE on THE AUTISM CHANNEL.

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